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"Ian can adapt very technical information into readable content – and more than that – draw the reader in to want to learn more. With just an hour's interview, he produces a very strong first draft that requires very little tailoring. That's an excellent use of our time." 

I have written for a wide range of publications since 2002, starting as a cub writer at the Wimbledon Championships, before learning my trade as a magazine staff writer at IPC Media. Alongside articles for The Daily Telegraph and The Guardian, I also wrote a monthly column for GQ that ran for five years. 

Today, I mostly write business articles for leading B2B organisations. Brands are always looking to generate engaging content that shares the knowledge and opinions of their people. However, staff often lack the time to put their thoughts in type. I can help!

 Following a 60-minute interview, I will have plenty of raw material to write an authentic and informative blog, case study or opinion piece. By casting the net wider to further colleagues, I can then craft a longer whitepaper / magazine that highlights key messaging or a strategic goal. 

Since 2017, I have copy edited reports by the UNFPA on gender-based violence (GBV) in the Syrian Crisis. The annual Voices from Syria field study is regarded as best practice on GBV reporting. I have also helped the UNFPA to develop guidelines for journalists, with the aim of avoiding sensational reporting.